Bring great classical music to today's audience with relevant programming and modern technology.

Classical music has seen better days. Audiences and funding are dwindling, causing a wave of symphony orchestras to either declare bankruptcy or close their doors. Record sales are a tiny fraction of what they once were, and industry forecasts are anything but optimistic. Despite all this bad news, I truly believe that there's a way to reinvigorate classical presentations, to inspire our audiences to really get involved, to spread the love of great music, to usher in a new wave of young concert goers that haven't been exposed to the art in an engaging, 21st-century way.

In the years to come, I will be expanding and reaching out to new audiences by ways of technology (sound, lights, video screens), programming (no snoozers), and a small but stellar group of musicians, capable of carrying their talents around the world, showing people that classical music can in fact be a great show.